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My name is Yasser Helmy Ahmed Youssef, I was born in the 26th of November, 1978 in Riyadh the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
I am an impulsive, adventurous, fun loving, spontaneous, enthusiastic, restless, kind, passionate and freedom loving character. I like to perform-to-win and always try to excel in whatever I do.
I love nature activities and travel and my intellectual interests lean toward subjects as philosophy, sciences, religion … etc. I place a high value on knowledge and I have this unquenchable thirst for it. I guess this is why my friends and coworkers think that I am an excellent teacher or mentor. I am firmly convinced that life right now is as good as it’s ever been, and that the best is still to come! Yeah, I am optimistic. Despite what some friends might say! I am an excellent team player and I tend to inspire and convince those around me on the best course to take whether it’s personal or professional. At work, you will find me working determinedly on any project and produce successful results, especially when it is something I believe in. I always love to hear the words “Job well done!” when I am done with a job. I love travelling a lot! I always relish visiting new places and meeting new people. I mix easily with others both socially and business-wise and have ability to quickly grasp and learn. I believe that I was born to travel, to conquer new horizons, to interrelate with others, and to both learn and teach. I hate day-to-day activities; I detest being stuck in an office day in, day out, doing the same old things among the same people. That’s why I will always find some reason to escape, whether for just a short break or a sudden major impulsive decision to take off on a trip to new fields overseas or something! Some people think that I am too aggressive or impatient. I think they are right, to some extent! But, when I am in my aggressiveness mode, a simple “sorry” will cool me right away. I value independence and freedom; I have a liberal open mind and I dislike the feeling of being trapped or obligated. Finally, I am very passionate about music. I think listening to music is the ultimate sensation you can ever get!
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